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20: Ciel's morning[edit]

MAP: Ciel's house
 DESCRIPTION: Living room + kitchen, bathroom, bedroom; Ciel is taking a shower
 SE: shower
 TV Announcer: "Well now, le''s have more on the discovery of the so-called Pakra Boson, this sub-atomic particle that is thought to be responsible for giving commonly used quantum bacteria the ability to heal people."
 TV Announcer: "And the best person to explain it to us is in the studio with me, the physicist and professor Mr. Bill Tyson.  Bill it''s great to have you with us."
 Bill: "Thank you"
 TV Announcer: "Why don't you just tell us what has been achieved here."
 Bill: "Well, I think this is the biggest scientific discovery in my lifetime, and it stands with the greatest discoveries of all times; the discovery of quantum bacteria itself, or the discovery of ergoplasma."
 Bill: "And the reason is that even if we very well understood the bio-quantum mechanics that allow us to use quantum bacteria everyday to produce the energy we need to survive, we didn''t use to know how quantum events could scale 
 up to the macroscopic world."
 TV Announcer: "To put it simply, it worked, but we didn't know why."
 Bill: "Precisely.  And this theory has been around since the 30s, when we found out that it was possible to produce quantum events from biological entities such as bacteria."
 Bill: "But only by the discovery of the Pakra Boson, theorized more than 30 years ago by professor Jovitz Pakra, have we been able to prove that controversial topics such as quantum healing are indeed just the result of synced 
 quantum events."
 TV Announcer: "So, how will this knowledge be applied?"
 Bill: "In a certain sense it already is, the fact that today you can go to a hospital with a broken leg and get repaired in a couple of minutes... well if I told you that a hundred years ago you''d have thought it''s science 
 fiction or that I'm high.  Ha ha..."
 TV Announcer: "Ha ha..."
 SE shower stop
 SE: change clothes
 Ciel walks into living room
 CAMERA to Ciel  

 TV Announcer: "Moving on.  A scientific study from the Yon Johlonn University of Arkroym shows that buying more generally improves your well-being.  Not that we needed to be told that anyway, ha ha ha..."
 Ciel shuts off the TV
 Ciel: "..."
 Ciel: "...what a whole load of crap."
 Ciel: "Speaking of which, I'm late again"
 Ciel: "Let's get moving!"
 BGM: Somewhat mysterious but fierce theme (maybe Ciel's theme?)
 -- GAMEPLAY -- 
 event: exit main door 
 SE: Train
 Ciel: "<I was waiting.>"
 Ciel: "<Waiting for the right time.>"
 MAP: Inside train
 DESCRIPTION: Ciel sits on a train seat, train running

 Ciel: "<Have I been waiting for too much?>"
 Ciel: "<Could I have lost the will to do it?>"
 Speaker: "Next: Helian Square, Helian Square"
 Train slowly stops
 SE train off
 Doors open
 SE doors
 Ciel goes to door and exists
 SE doors
 Doors close
 MAP: Lewe building outside
 DESCRIPTION: Huge building with LEWE sign on top, Ciel stands in front of entrance
 Camera on Lewe sign and slogan: "Spreading the power of optimism"
 Camera pans down to ground and stops on Ciel
 Ciel: "<But of one thing I am sure.>"
 Ciel: "<I''ll never forgive them.>"
 Ciel enters Lewe building
 MAP: Lewe building interiors
 DESCRIPTION: Highly technological doors. Ciel in front of elevator. 
 Ciel walks to elevator
 Speaker: "Retina scan in progress, please stand still."
 Speaker: "Good morning Ms. Beiley, how are you today?"
 Speaker: "Have a good day and remember, ''Safety rules are your best tools!''"
 Doors open
 Ciel enters elevator
 Doors close
 MAP: Inside elevator
 DESCRIPTION: Ciel inside the elevator 
 SE: Elevator
 Ciel: "<Not even if that means spending the rest of my life working for them.>"
 Ciel: "<I just need to find... >"
 Ciel: "<...the right... >"
 Ciel: "<...time... >"

10: Landal cave[edit]

MAP: Cave #1
 DESCRIPTION: A series of underground tunnels and natural rooms.
 BGM: Mysterious Music
 AMBIENT SOUND: Dripping Water

 CAMERA centered on the starting room
 WAIT 10 seconds
 Lars jumps on the room from above and looks around. 

 Lars: "It's safe, come."

 Sean jumps on the room next to Lars.

 Sean: "Are you sure this isn't another dead end?"

 Lars: "This is the right one, I feel it!"

 Sean: "This makes the third time you say that."

 Lars: "But this time it's true!"

 Sean: "Sigh... Whatever, let's go!"


 Dungeon Exploration Phase, monster is blocking the way
 event: battle with monster blocking the way (mandatory)
 Battle starts

 Lars: "Watch out, a monster!"

 Sean: "Oh thanks! I hadn't noticed!"

 Sean: "More importantly, you do remember how to fight, right?"

 Lars: "Who do you think you're talking to?"

 Lars: "I'm Lars Grandal! The greatest Tech Hunter you'll ever find in Mordia!"

 Sean: "Yes of course, oh great Tech Hunter. How about you just shut up and *attack*?"

 Battle resumes
 event: 3 turns passed without Spirit Command

 Sean: "Hey, why don't you use that Spirit of yours?"

 Lars: "Nah, we're good. This one's a weakling."

 Sean: "We don't have all day, just finish it quickly."

 Sean: "You do remember how to *summon* a Spirit, right?"

 Lars: "Is that some kind of joke? You keep talking as if I've never fought before."

 Sean: "I can only pray that your ability to find lost Technology isn't as bad as your ability to discern sarcasm."

 Lars: "Man, have some faith!"

 Forced choice: summon

 event: summon command issued

 Lars: "Alright Geb! Unleash your might against this foe!"

 Text: "Spirits are powerful beings that can execute special attacks."

 Text: "Special attacks are triggered by inputing a precise sequence of buttons."

 Text: "Try *Left* *Right* *A* *A* *Right* to make Geb execute the special ability *Spark*."

 -- Battle resumes

 Battle resumes
 event: Failed to execute Spark command.

 Sean "What are you doing? Did you actually forget how to use a Spirit? For real?"

 Lars: "Give me a moment, I'm trying!"

 Text: "Try *Left* *Right* *A* *A* *Right* to make Geb execute the special ability *Spark*."

 Battle resumes
 event: Failed to execute Spark command again

 Text: "Try *Left* *Right* *A* *A* *Right* to make Geb execute the special ability *Spark*."

 -- Battle resumes

 Battle resumes
 event: Correct sequence inputed.
 Geb uses spark, the monster dies regardless of health.
 Battle ends.

 Lars: "Good job, Geb! Did you see that, Sean?"

 Sean: "Hmph, Finally!"

 Lars: "Still, why are there always monsters lurking around Lost Technology?"

 Sean: "There's nothing surprising about that. Many monsters shun daylight."

 Sean: "So you're very likely to find them underground where incidentally Lost Technology lies."

 Sean: "Do you have any other stupid questions you want answered?"

 Lars: "Yeah, why did I accept to let you tag along again?"

 Sean: "Hmph! You needed my help."

 Lars: "Did I?"

 Sean: "Yes, because there are always monsters lurking around Lost Technology."

 Lars: "... Good point."

 Text: "You can find which abilities your Spirits can use and the related button sequences under Main Menu -> Spirit."

 Monster Encounters can now happen
 event: zone to next map

 MAP2: Underground Lost Technology Ruins
 DESCRIPTION: This maps features a mix of Rocky tunnels and ruined High Tech metal tunnels and rooms.
	There's a big room with a Main Frame still functional, there's also another big room where the Dimensional Machine is.
	That room will be accessed on a later event.
 BGM: Mysterious Music

 CAMERA centered on the starting room which features Ruins.
 Sean and Lars already inside.
 Lars and Sean look around

 Lars: "Look! I told you! We've found it!"

 Lars: "This must be the Research Center that we were looking for."

 Sean: "Hmm... I'm still not sure. These are remnants of the old civilization, no doubt."

 Sean: "But is this really the Research Site 42?"

 Lars: "Wheter it is or not, this is a great find. I've rarely seen ruins in such a great condition before."

 Sean: "Let's keep exploring."
 Dungeon Exploration resumes
 event Main Frame Room reached.

 CAMERA slowly moves toward the Main Frame.
 After a few seconds Lars and Sean enter inside the view again and look around. 

 Lars: "This is... this is simply UNBELIAVABLE!"

 Lars: "Look! Have you seen something like this before? This is amazing!"

 Sean: "Yeah... yeah it is..."

 Lars walks near a console and starts pressing buttons.

 Lars: "It works! It's still functioning! This is the Main Frame of the ancient research facility and it still works!"

 Lars: "Ten thousand years and it's still functioning! WOOOHAAA!! Look at this! Look at this!"

 Sean slowly walks away toward another exit.

 Lars: "Oh for all the gods! We can access all the research data! The knowledge of the ancients that we thought lost forever!"

 Lars: "Uh? What's this? A security password? Not gonna stop me now! Just give me some time!"


 Lars: "There you go! Cracked! Piece of cake! Hey Sean, look at this, there's a detailed explanation on how to create energy packs."

 Lars: "With this data we might even be able to produce them in a few years."


 Lars: "Oh no, damn! It looks like the memory support is damaged, we won't be able to recover all the data, but still, this is the greatest finding to date."

 Lars: "What we have here is invaluable, I can't wait to report this to the elders of Sonalum."

 Lars: "What do you think, Sean?"

 Lars finally turns around and looks left and right.

 Lars: "Sean? Where the hell did you go?"

 Lars: "How strange... how could he simply walk away when there was such a treasure in front of us. That's really not like him."

 Lars: "Anyway I should copy as much data as I..."

 event: blue burst scene start

 Quake effect
 Blue light effect
 Sound Effect: explosion
 BGM: Danger Music

 Lars get pushed toward a wall because of the shockwave originating from where Sean left before.

 Lars: "W-what? What the hell is happening?"

 Sound Effect: Monster Cries

 Lars: "This doesn't bode well..."

 One monster enters the room from where Sean left, then another, and then a third.
 The monsters get closer to Lars, which backs away.

 Lars: "Okay, okay! You want to get tough on me? You wanna fight? You know what?"

 Lars: "You win! Goodbye!"

 Lars runs away.
 The monsters follow after a while.


40: Intruders in Ciel's lab[edit]

 SE: Big explosion
 Screen shakes
 Flood shockwave effect
 Ciel flinch anim
 Elevator stops
 BGM: tense/merging theme
 Light becomes reddish
 SE: Alarm

 Ciel: "What on earth?"
 Speaker: "Elevator stopped to due abnormal vibrations.  Please remain still."
 Speaker: "The elevator will become operational again when all security checks have passed."
 Speaker: "Estimated remaining time: 4 hours and 34 minutes."

 Ciel: "You''re kidding me."
 SE: Monster scream from Ciel''s lab
 Ciel: "It''s coming from my lab!"
 Ciel: "On no my plants!  I''ve got to get the hell outta here."

 Event: [action on speaker] -> 
  Speaker: "Estimated remaining time: 5 hours and 12 minutes."
  Ciel: "Oh, awesome.  We can heal people with quantum bacteria and we still can''t make reliable ETAs"

 Event: [action on door] ->
  Ciel: "I''m not gonna let my plants be destroyed."
  Ciel: "I guess I have no choice."
  Ciel blasts the door with a plasma skill (possibly: Light)
  Ciel walks outside

 MAP: Ciel''s lab
 DESCRIPTION: Ciel''s workplace at Lewe Inc., connected via elevator.  A monster is attacking the plants.

 Ciel walks inside from blasted elevator door.
 Ciel: "What the hell is that?!"
 Ciel: "How did that thing get through the security?!"

 Monster: "Grhwoarrhhh"
 Speaker: "To all personnel.  This is an emergency.  Please evacuate to the nearest rally point."
 Speaker: "To all personnel.  This is an emergency.  Please evacuate to the nearest rally point."
 Ciel: "Crap.  I can''t let it have my plants for lunch."

 -- GAMPLAY -- 
 Event [Action on elevator] ->
  Ciel: "I have to save my plants first!"

 Event [Go near monster] ->
  Monster: "Grhwoarrhhh"
  Battle start

 Event [Battle start] ->
  Text: "To use ergoplasma, you must first accumulate MNT points."
  Text: "MNT points are obtained every turn by a fixed amount."
  Text: "Until then, your only option is to attack!"
 Event [Ergoplasma becomes usable] ->
  Text: "To use an ergoplasma ability, select ''Ergoplasma '' from the menu"
  Text: "The power of the ability will be proportional to the accumulated amount of MNT points,
   so the more points you have, the stronger will the effect be!"
  Forced choice: ergoplasma

 MAP: Ciel''s lab, just after the first battle

 No music

 Ciel rushes to check up on her plants.
 Ciel: "<No damage done.>"
 Ciel rushes to next plant
 Ciel: "<You're okay too.>"
 Ciel rushes to next plant
 Ciel: "<They're fine... what a relief.>"
 Ciel looks to where the monster was.
 Ciel: "<What in the world was that thing...>"
 Ciel: "<I don't think I've ever...>"
 Ciel faces down.
 Ciel: "<No time for thinking now. Let's head to the rally point.>"
 Ciel: "<I'll think about what to do once there.>" 

 Event: Action on broken elevator
 Ciel: "That was cool.  But I can't use the elevator now."

 Event: Go nearby emergency exit door

 SE: Monster roaring
 A monster comes in through the emergency exit door (emergency stairs)
 Monster hits Ciel, Ciel takes damage and is pushed back.
 SE: Monster roaring

 Ciel: "Another one?!"

 An electricity attack suddenly kills the monster.
 BGM: Cedrine''s theme (not too dark but cool, reassuring theme)

 Cedrine enters through the emergency door.
 Cedrine: "There you are.  Are you okay?"
 Cedrine approaches Ciel.
 Ciel: "I'm all right, thank you.  I found a monster like that one in my lab and I had to take it down."
 Cadrine: "Take it d... You did that by yourself?"
 Ciel: "Yeah."
 Cedrine: "Impressive! I didn't know your fighting skills were already... "
 Ciel: "Do we know each other?"
 Cedrine: "Oh I'm sorry, just call me Cedrine."
 Ciel: "Okay Cedrine.  My name is..."
 Cedrine: "Ciel Bailey!"
 Ciel: "<I didn't know I was famous...>"
 Cedrine: "So, looks like we have some problems."
 Ciel: "Where do those creatures come from?  Did they escape from the other labs?"
 Cedrine: "I doubt so, the labs where mutants are experimented are in a completely different area and they would have never passed the security check to get here."
 Ciel: "..."
 Ciel: "Should we head for the rally point?"
 Cedrine: "Let's do that.  But first we have to take care of the other monsters."
 Ciel: "Wait, just how many other of these monsters are around?"
 Cedrine: "Difficult to say, but there's at least one every floor."
 Cedrine: "There might be people in danger. We have to clear the floors before getting out."
 Cedrine: "Together, we have a better chance of defeating them all. Let's proceed the two of us."
 Ciel: "Sounds good to me."
 Cedrine: "So, here's the plan:"
 Cedrine: "Using the emergency stairs, we will clear the monster on each underground floor in succession."
 Cedrine: "Then we will proceed to the main exit through the ground floor."
 Cedrine: "Let's get moving!"

 BGM: Kinda high-tension exploration music

 Event: Exit through emergency door
 MAP: Emergency stairs

 Event: Reach next floor, try to proceed further without having defeated the floor monster:
 Cedrine: "I'm pretty sure there's one monster in each floor."
 Ciel: "We have to clear this floor's monster first."

 Event: Enter floor
 MAP: Floor B3
 DESCRIPTION: Offices, monster is wandering around

 Event: exit floor after having defeated monster
 Can now go upstairs

 Event: Enter floor
 MAP: Floor B2
 DESCRIPTION: Offices, monster is attacking employee

 Employee: "Waaaaah"
 Cedrine: "We have to rescue him!"

 Event: defeat monster
 Employee: "Thank you... thank you... "
 Cedrine: "Don't worry.  Go ahead to the rally point, we have to clear the floors first."
 Employee: "Sure... sure... I'll meet you there... thanks!"
 Employee runs away

 Event: exit floor after having defeated monster
 Can now go upstairs

 Event: Enter floor
 MAP: Floor B1
 DESCRIPTION: Offices, monster is attacking equipment

 Camera on monster
 Camera pan to entrance
 Cedrine: "There it goes again."
 Ciel: "Last one!"

 Event: defeat monster
 Cedrine: "That was the last one.  There shouldn't be any other monsters around here."
 Cedrine: "Let's head back to safety."

 Event: exit floor after having defeated monster
 BGM off
 Ambient SE: Wind or something

 Ciel: "Cedrine?"
 Cedrine: "Yes?"
 Ciel: "I was wondering.  Have you ever seen monsters like those before?"
 Cedrine: "Actually no.  Why?"
 Ciel: "It's weird... "
 Ciel: "Creatures of that size... Wandering around this area..."
 Ciel: "I've never seen them before.  So after defeating the one in my lab, I run a search with my computer."
 wait 5 seconds
 Ciel: "I couldn't find any record of such creature in the whole mutants database..."
 wait 3 seconds
 Cedrine: "They must be some new types of mutant coming from the wild."
 Ciel: "But, there's more."
 Cedrine: "Hmm?"
 Ciel: "Their attacks... "
 Ciel: "Mutants abilities, like ours, come from ergoplasma."
 Cedrine: "Quantum bacteria, right?"
 Ciel: "Yes."
 Ciel: "And as you know we must concentrate in order to effectively use our skills."
 Ciel: "But those monsters seemed capable of repeating abilities over and over, without any loss in strength... "
 Cedrine: "..."
 Ciel: "It's like they are using something else... something very different..." 

 Text with fade: "Ciel: But yet very powerful... "

30: Moebius appears[edit]

 MAP: Cave #1
 DESCRIPTION: A series of underground tunnels and natural rooms.
 Some rocks have blocked some paths making traveling through the map harder.
 The starting room is unaccessible due to a landslide.
 BGM: Danger Music
 AMBIENT SOUND: Tremor earthquake sound.

 Event: Lars reaches the first room.

 Lars: "Oh right! Where's Sean?"

 Lars: "Sean! Sean!"

 The three monsters following Lars appear.

 Lars: "Well... I guess I can only hope he's ahead of me."

 The center monster takes a step forward.

 Lars: "Because if he's not... he's going to be these monsters' next meal."

 The other two monsters take a step forward.

 Lars: "And I sure don't want to be the dessert."

 The center monster pounces but Lars evades.

 Lars: "Oh, come on! Have some manner!"

 Monsters move trying to surround Lars
 Sound Effect: Monster Cries

 Lars: "So unreasonable..."


 Battle starts

 Eatch time a monster gets killed, a new one appears.

 After a set amount of turns Lars can escape.
 If there is no escape command, escape automatically happens.

 Battle ends

 Lars must move quickly through the changed dungeon to reach the exit.
 Monsters follow him, if they catch up with him another battle ensues.
 event: Lars reaches the blocked path to the starting room.
 camera pans toward the landslide and then back to Lars.

 Lars: "Oh yeah! I was just wondering how could this get any worse!"

 Monsters surrounds Lars.
 Lars turns to face them.

 Lars: "Would you guys be so gentle to wait for a second? I'm trying to figure out how to get out of this mess."

 Sound Effect: Monster cries

 Lars: "I guess that was a no..."


 Battle starts
 event: Battle ends.
 Three new monsters appear and surround Lars.

 Lars: "You know, normally beasts would have pretty much understood that I'm not an easy prey by now."

 Lars: "I mean, considering that I've slaughtered a bunch of you already."

 Lars: "But no! You monsters must keep attacking!"


 Battle starts
 event: Battle ends.
 Three new monsters appear and surround Lars.

 Lars: "Come on, Lars. You've gotten out of worse situations before. Think!"

 Lars: "Maybe if I make explode an energy pack I can blast these rocks off."

 A rock falls down next to Lars who evades at the last second.

 Lars: "On a second thought... that might not be the greatest idea..."


 Battle starts
 event: Battle ends.
 Two new monsters appear and surround Lars.

 Lars: "Is there no end to them?"

 Lars: "I can't even try to find another escape route, they pretty much cornered me..."

 Lars: "Well now, since I'm completely without options..."

 Lars: "This would be just the perfect time for unexpected reinforcements to arrive!"

 A third bigger monster appears.

 Lars: "And of course reinforcement arrived..."

 Lars: "For the enemy..."


 Battle starts
 The new monster is pretty much undefeatable at the current level.
 event: Lars is about to die or 10 turns have passed.

 Lars kneels on the ground.

 Lars: "He he..."

 Lars: "The bomb idea doesn't sound so bad now..."

 Lars: "At least I'll go out with a bang..."

 Lars: "Literally..."

 The big monster gets closer
 Sound Effect: Monster cries

 Lars: "Come on... come a little closer..."

 Lars: "I've got a big surprise for you..."

 Lars: "It will blow your mind!"

 Bomb toss animation starts
 everything stops frozen
 music ends
 sound effects end.
 wait 10 seconds
 Monsters and Lars slowly float up.

 Lars: "w-what... what the hell is..."

 The rocks blocking the path begin to shake and then collapse.

 Text: "The seeds that I've sown bore their fruits."

 Text: "The chains are shattering once again."

 Text: "Slowly but surely the journey has begun."

 Moebius slowly walks from the opened path.
 oppressive music starts.

 Text: "It is close, and yet so far. It is strong and yet so fragile."

 More monsters appear and attack Moebius.
 As they jump they froze mid air and get pulverized.

 Text: "I must keep it safe from this wandering dust."

 Text: "To make sure it will fulfill its purpose."

 Lars: "Ah... aaah...."

 Moebius slowly walks away and disappears.
 ambient sound resumes
 danger music resumes
 The monsters and Lars descend back to the ground.
 The monsters cower and tremble
 Lars knelt on the ground pants

 Lars: "*Pant* *Pant*..."

 Lars: "The hell was that... that..."

 Lars: "No... he may have looked human but he was definitely something else..."

 Lars gets up and looks at the monsters

 Lars: "The monsters... the monsters are scared?! They are supposed to be incapable of feeling fear!"

 Lars: "Anyway... I... I better get out of here..."

 Lars runs away from the opened path.


50: Asking for help[edit]