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Monster Data
Name Aracnobeo
Geographical Area Mordia, Landal
Weight 130 Kg
Size (Adult) Male:2m, Female:4m in length
Habitat Deep underground caves
Diet Small/Medium sized animals
Reproduction Oviparous: can lay up to 50 eggs per batch
Activity Mainly alone

This wild Arachnid lives in the deep, dark undergrounds of Mordia.
It mainly hunts small/medium size animals by setting up webs that are similar but much bigger and thicker that normal spiders'.
Once an animal falls into an Aracnobeo's web, it is almost impossible to get out of it, and all the poor victim can do is wait for the ruthless predator to devour it.
The aracnobeo doesn't just wait for its prey to fall into its web: first it prepares several webs around the praying area, then it hides and waits for its prey.
Once the victim is close enough to one of the traps set by the Aracnobeo, the predator launches a charge on the clueless victim, pushing it into a web. No amount of attention can save a poor animal from this violent beast.
Aracnobeo's webs make very good textile material, or can be used as combustible for heating or fire.
Aracnobeo's eggs are relatively small in size, on average a male exemplar grows from about 50cm to an adult's size of about 2 meters in length.
Females can grow up to 4 meters in length, and they are quite rare to encounter due to their tendency to stay hidden to protect their eggs.