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  • Origin of time: Moebius begins to exist
  • 15,000 BM: Begin of the Protolandian civilization
  • 150 BM: Dimension traveling is very common on Landal for tourism and commerce
  • 80 BM: A new fertile planet is found in the multiverse, being fertile and having a Landal-like human-friendly * ecosystem, it is called "Terra"
  • 50 BM: A new planet is discovered in the multiverse, which contains a previously unseen substance that is named "mana"
  • 40 BM: Mathematicians are able to prove that no theory based on causality can ever explain "mana" effects
  • 35 BM: A fresh new-age discipline called "manology" is born
  • 30 BM: A new technology to transfer "mana" directly to Landal is being developed
  • 1 BM: First successful experiments of "mana" transportation are performed
  • 0: The "Mana Flood" accident almost wipes out humanity in Landal, Moebius' Landal instance dies


  • 8604 AM: The Harrhang empire is officially founded
  • 8654 AM: The Harrhang empire is the vastest and most powerful empire on Terra
  • 8844 AM: Yon Johlonn is born in Arkroym
  • 9776 AM: WWI breaks out on Terra
  • 9887 AM: WWII breaks out on Terra
  • 9891 AM: Rhys Hengel is born
  • 9895 AM: WWII ends
  • 9903 AM: Genetic engineering is discovered
  • 9910 AM: Rhys Hengel publishes the "Theory of Quantum Biology"
  • 9915 AM: The "Free Nations of Helian's Federation" is found
  • 9933 AM: Rhys Hengel publishes the article "A study of Bio-Quantum events through genetic engineering"
  • 9934 AM: Yesof Raumann founds "Lewe Inc."
  • 9935 AM: WWIII breaks out on Terra
  • 9938 AM: Rhys Hengel is exiled to Cyndar.
  • 9945 AM: Every form of genetic engineering on humans is banned on Arkroym, WWIII ceases
  • 9946 AM: The Johlonn's society is born on Arkroym
  • 9952 AM: Cedrine is born
  • 9958 AM: Ciel is born
  • 9964 AM: Ywong Rhen's city is attacked by remnant bioweapons and then razed to the ground by the Reapers. The day after she finds Theoo and his dying mother in the ruins.
  • 9965 AM: Rhys Hengel dies in mysterious circumstances alongisde his son and daughter in law.
  • 9979 AM: Prof. Jovitz Pakra is awarded the 33rd Johlonn Prize for his past contributions to the field of "quantum healing"
  • 9980 AM: -- The game begins --


  • 8423 AM: The once inhospitable Mordia is found suitable for colonization and several factions migrate to the new world. Several wars ensue, leaving in the end only three major powers splitting the land under their influence.
  • 8615 AM: The University of Knowledge and Magical Arts is founded in Sonalum, first university in Landal
  • 9800 AM: Horma Karg Brangaard becomes the first emperor of Brangaard
  • 9860 AM: Medilah becomes a republic
  • 9862 AM: Lars is born
  • 9895 AM: The first piece of the ancient Protolandian technology is brought to light
  • 9900 AM: The first master degrees in Archeotechnology start to be available in the Sonalum University
  • 9948 AM: Jorg is born
  • 9961 AM: Irene is born
  • 9961 AM: Theoo is born in the great desert of the Old World and then he is kidnapped into the Pallas Empire to become the vessel of Amon.
  • 9980 AM: -- The game begins --