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Character individual background stories[edit]

Theoo Rhen/Jude Pliskenn/[edit]

  • Sex: M
  • Age: 19
  • Hometown: Ganknan (Nation: Harrhang, Continent: Ostharn, Planet: Terra)
  • Job: Spy
  • Weapon: Twin Knives
  • Special ability: Stealth
  • Physical traits: Blond
  • Character: Jaded, Silent, Sarcastic, Gloom
  • Story keypoint: Born in the old world of Landal, in the great desert. His tribe was attacked and decimated and he was brought to Pallas to become one of the vessels of the Great Spirit Amon. Once he was 3 years old, his mother managed to retake him and tried to flee, but she was caught and fatally wounded. Right then she and Theoo were caught into a Blue Burst and were brought to Terra. Ywong Rhen found Theoo and decided to adopt him and train him as a spy. When the game starts he is under cover in one of the Shepherd main institutions, the CMA, code name Jude Pliskenn. Because of this particular mission he is allowed to have Ergoplasma even though they are forbidden in Harrhang.
  • Story: Theoo

Ciel Hengel / Ciel Beiley[edit]

  • Sex: F
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: Mulgrav (Nation: Ranzerad, Continent: Cyndar, Planet: Terra)
  • Job: Quantum Biologist
  • Weapon: Dart gun
  • Special ability: Bio
  • Physical traits: Brown skin
  • Character: Analytical, Emotionally Detached
  • Story keypoint: Take revenge from Lewe for the Hengel thing
  • Story: Ciel

Jorg Garmond / Jorg Thorfjorn[edit]

  • Sex: M
  • Age: 32
  • Hometown: Brangaard (Continent: Mordia, Planet: Landal)
  • Job: Mercenary
  • Weapon: 2-Handed sword
  • Special ability: Sword skills
  • Physical traits: Long black hair
  • Character: Professional, Uptight, prone to Anger
  • Story keypoint: Son of Lockham Thorfjorn I, one of the four High Knights of Brangaard. He was strictly raised to be his father's successor, but ultimately couldn't stomach his parent's heartless and Machiavellian's view and ideology. His mother killed herself when he was still young, and Lockham married immediately after with a woman of a higher social status and wealth. For that reason there are some that speculate that it wasn't suicide at all. Following the military career to become a High Knight, Jorg participated into a raid against a rebel hideout. Lain Velsen, a female knight he was in love with, died in the midst of that battle. That was when he decided to renounce to his name (using his mother's surname henceforth) and status and left his birthplace to become a free warrior, joining the Night Wolves and becoming a commander.
  • Story: Jorg

Lars Grandal[edit]

  • Sex: M
  • Age: 118 (Apparent Age: 27)
  • Hometown: Sonalum (Continent: Mordia, Planet: Landal)
  • Job: Tech Hunter
  • Weapon: Kusarigama
  • Special ability: Tinkering
  • Physical traits: ??
  • Character: Extroverted, Optimistic
  • Story keypoints: Following the Lost Technology rush at the end of the 99th century AM, Lars embarked in several risky expeditions for the purpose to find more and rarer artifacts. At the time 35 years old and father of a 8 year old girl, he wanted to make it big for the sake of his family. Unfortunately an accident caused him to come into contact with a 10 thousand year old protolandian nano-culture. The nano-machines spread into his body granting him biological immortality and superhuman healing properties. However the nano-culture was designed for a particularly powerful and wealthy man of the lost civilization and thus little by little Lars Grandal's cells are changed and replaced in accordance to a completely different body. Worse yet, in recent days the nano-machines seem to have started malfunctioning replacing brain cells as well, and with them memories and personality traits.
  • Story: Lars

Irene Evola[edit]

  • Sex: F
  • Age: 19
  • Job: bandit
  • Hometown: Medilah (Continent: Mordia, Planet: Landal)
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Special ability: Charm
  • Physical traits: Redhead
  • Character: deceiving, sweet, dark sense of humour
  • Story keypoint: She was born near Medilah in a clan of outlaws lead by her father. She was taught all the arts of a true thief and she learned everything about the underworld of Medilah. From her mother she acquired an innate bond

with the Dark spirit Tiamat, which was transported to Landal during the manaflood and is therefore more than ten thousand years old. The Dark spirit was once created by Mandelbrot, the projection of the hyper-dimensional entity in the magic world. Sensing that Moebius is another part of his lost master, Tiamat will manipulate Irene according to Moebius' plan by means of visions and dreams. She will be unaware of it most of the time.

Cedrine Fahren[edit]

  • Sex: F
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Special Agent
  • Hometown: Ark City (Continent: Arkroym, Planet: Terra)
  • Weapon: Power Gloves
  • Special ability: TBD
  • Physical traits: TBD
  • Character: Positive Attitude, Secure, Professional.
  • Story keypoint: Secretly a member of the Wild Beasts who oppose the Shepherds. She officially works as a special agent for the free people of Arkroym. She was sent as a support to Lewe Inc. to help them with their most shady operations. Originally working for the CMA (Central Management Agency) Section 14 (Public Security Bureau), due to her excellent performance she was chosen by Kyle Kapsky (The head of the CMA and a Shepherd that is at odds with Raumann) to secretly spy him and possibly sabotage him. Cedrine Fahren is her real name, as she only joined the Wild Beasts after already being a special agent. She goes by the codename "Yellow Fox" in the rebel group.
  • Story: Cedrine



  • Sex: ?
  • Age: ?
  • Hometown: ?
  • Character: cynical, emotionless, does not feel empathy, very little or none human-like feelings, manipulator

Moebius is a hyper-dimensional entity that exists since the very beginning of time. He exists through a number of dimensions in the multiverse at at the same time. The existence of Moebius in a single universe might be called a "Moebius projection". The main Moebius projections are:

  • A little and mysterious girl in Terra (present day AM 9980)
  • A charismatic villain in Landal (Protolandian time until year 0)
  • A charismatic villain in Landal (present day AM 9980, re-generated)

Moebius' ultimate goal is to unify the multiverse into a single, compact hyper-world where he would finally be able to reach his actual form ("Moebius Aleph"), and meaningfully exist as for what he is. To accomplish that, he seeks a process according to which separate chunks of the multiverse fuse together into a single, merged universe. This is called "dimensional fusion".

Moebius' first Landal projection managed to make a pact with current Irene's spirit, that's why Irene has dreams of a forgotten past, featuring Moebius point of view.

Moebius' Landal projection was destroyed during and because of the mana flood, while he was trying to pursue "dimensional fusion". It took him 9980 years to re-generate his projection on Landal and resume pursuing his goals.